For Minoa Palace Resort, growth is meaningful, only when it can be in perfect harmony with the natural environment.

View below some of our small, yet significant actions:


  • We have replaced 90% of our conventional bulbs with energy saving bulbs.
  • We have installed a central heating system, with a temperature regulator, that adapts to the temperature of the environment. The full insulation of the pipes limits the energy loses.
  • We use solar energy for the heating of 80% of the water, during the summer months.
  • We use gas for cooking, in all of our kitchens.
  • We use new-technology washing machines, specially designed to save energy.
  • We use automated watering for our gardens that works only during the night, in order to minimize the losses of water, due to heat.
  • Every month, we proceed to chemical analysis of the pool water, as well as of the potable water, carried out by a credited laboratory.
  • We are connected with the waste water treatment of the municipality of Platanias.
  • We use returnable packaging, as glass bottles, barrels etc. for beer, water, soft drink, fruit & vegetables.


  • An automated electronical system with key cards is installed to all rooms, that disconnects all devices (except televisions & fridges) when it is removed from its base.
  • We offer to our guests ecological bags made of fabric, in order to reduce plastic bags used for shopping purposes.
  • A weekly seminar made by the Greek protection society “Archelon” is taking place inside our premises. Our guests are informed about the endangered sea turtles “Caretta Caretta” and what they can do regarding their protection.
  • Our guests may use the “green” cards found in all rooms, where sheets and towels are changed only upon request.



  • Kitchen oils
  • plastic, paper & glass packaging, in co-operation with the municipal company of recycling in Chania, (“DEDISA”)
  • batteries, in cooperation with “AFI”
  • ink cartridges
  • electronic & electronical waste in co-operation with the municipal company of recycling in Chania, (“DEDISA”)



  • 1,3 tons of paper
  • 4 tons of glass
  • 300 kilos of kitchen oils
  • 17 ink cartridges



We use the pioneering geothermal energy that covers up to 100% of the air-conditioning, hot water and pool heating needs of our Imperial beach wing. More specifically, in 7 months of function of the hotel, we save up to 68% of electricity (equivalent to 41ton of oil or 224.348 Kwh of electrical power).

In contrast to the conventional energy systems, it is three to five times more efficient, while at the same time heat is produced without using up fossil fuel. The energy is simply transferred to and from the earth, to provide effective, low-cost and eco-friendly heating and cooling.


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