On April 23rd or the next day of Easter: the feast of Saint George takes place in Asi Gonia; Big festivity dating back to hundreds of years. All the shepherds of the area bring their sheep in the service, where a priest gives his blessings, then the animals are milked and their milk is being passed on to the visitors. After the service, a big celebration takes place, where the attendants are given the opportunity to experience for themselves the true essence of the traditional Cretan hospitality.


The celebration of the Battle of Crete: Also known as the “Graveyard of German soldiers”, the battle of Crete took place during WW2, between the Cretans and the German Nazis. The Germans had so many casualties during the air invasion, that Hitler was forced to order the end of any airborne operation from that point on. The celebrations usually take place between May 17th and May 24th.

The canoe kayak athletic competition that takes place at the lake Kournas in Georgioupolis, by the name of Korissia.Traditional feast in Sfakia: taking place in Agios Ioannis, on May 8th.



The famous international track events called “Venizeleia” that take place in the National Stadium of the city. Cherry feast in Karanou Feast of Saint Ioannis at the village Sebronas in Apopigadi, on the 24th of June. It takes place in a high altitude offering the most remarkable views.



The Nautical week: it is organized every 2 years, with exhibitions, activities and tours on warships.

Feast of Saint Antonios: on July 2nd in Sougia. Unique traditional feast that takes place in the small chapel in Harei. The route on foot from the trail E4 that starts from Sougia to Agia Roumeli lasts 2 hours, with the Libyan sea on one side and the rocky cliffs on the other side. There is also the possibility of going by boat from Sougia.

Feast of Saint Kirikos: a real traditional feast that takes place in ancient Lissos, Selino. The attendants can reach it either on foot, or by boat from Sougia, early the previous day.



Agricultural August in the old Harbor. The Photography show inspired by the local music tradition, especially by the dance and the dancers.

Wine feast: taking place in the beginning of August, at the village Vouves, in Platanias.

Celebration of the Transfiguration of Christ: on the 6th of August, feasts happening in the following villages: Xirosterni. Titzife, Karres Kissamou, Sassalo. The feast of the Assumption of Mary:  in Therissos, a beautiful upland village, where Eleftherios Venizelos started the revolution of 1905.  Also in Chrissoskalitissa, a beautiful monastery with impeccable view to the Libyan Sea.

The feast of John the Forerunner on August 29th, in Rodopou, Giona, Douliana, Stylos, Kournas.


National day of Tourism with festive events at the old harbor

The birth of Virgin Mary:  feasts on September 8th, in Gavalochori, Tzitzife, Sassalo,  Vlacheronitissa. The hotel’s little chapel is also in celebration, with a feast taking place the eve before.

Feast of the Holy Cross on September 14th, in Nippos, Rodovani.

Saint Nikitas day on September 15th, during which horse riding races take place.



Tsikoudia (raki) feasts in Neoria at the Old harbor, in Loutraki, in Kantanos and in Limnni, Platanias. Celebration of the Holy Fathers on October 7th, in the village of Azogires, with the impressive cave of the Holy Fathers.


The chestnut feast in Prasses and Elos.

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